For the last ten years, the Chinese city of Yulin has held an annual dog meat festival. The festival spans about ten days at the end of June. Its estimated that somewhere between 10,000-15,000 dogs are consumed each year. The festival has faced sharp criticism and protest since it was first created in 2009. New shocking images are going worldwide and gaining renewed support for the cancellation of the event.

Stop Yulin Forever

Images of terrified dogs crammed into cages or boiled alive have surfaced and caused millions of people to sign petitions against the events. Petitions on platforms like have been gaining thousands of signatures by the minute. has been one of the most vocal critics and active groups trying to shut down the festival. Just last year the group gained nearly 2.8 million signatures and helped events in the US to increase global awareness about the issue.

Groups inside China have also become active in trying to stop the event. Various protest and petitions to end the festival are planned. Last week young people in Dalian Xinghai Square paraded with their dogs and a giant banner that read “Build a Beautiful China, Punish Animal Abusers.”

“A total embarrassment to China,” is what Yufeng Xu, founder of Beijing Mothers Against Animal Cruelty, called the meat festival.

The government gives the go-ahead

Despite international pressure and protest, the Communist Chinese government looks like it will allow the festival will go ahead this year. Organizers in Yulin were threatening riots if the government stepped in and stopped the slaughter.

Last year the government did look like it was taking steps to stop the selling of dog meat. The government warned that dog meat sellers could face a 100,000 yuan and even arrest. However, after dog meat sellers voiced their displeasure, the measure was watered down to the amount of dog meat that could be sold.

Younger generations and the general public may force the festival out of business. New attitudes towards pets by younger people and the middle class has caused popularity for the festival to nose dive. In a few years, the tradition of eating dog meat could be forced out entirely.