California, Latin America, Canada and EU are all set to see more cannabis infused non-alcoholic beverages in stores as Licorera Del Sur and Pivot Pharmaceuticals sign agreement.

After extensive research and development by both parties, Californian company Pivot Pharmaceuticals and Mexico based Licorera Del Sur’s subsidiary company Cartegena Inc, have come up with the latest in cannabis infused drinks.

Using the combination of Cartagena’s spirits and flavoured extract formulations with Pivot’s oil to powder cannabis technology they are to create an alternative to alcohol. Dr Patrick Frankham, CEO of Pivot said within a statement: “It will result in consumers being able to enjoy cannabis-infused beverages that taste good, are stable and consistent, science-based and provide the experience they are looking for without the side effects of alcohol.”

Mr. Paul Bou-Nader, Managing Director of Cartagena Inc. stated “We are excited to partner with Pivot to create low calorie, rapid onset cannabis-infused beverages. This is a brand-new category of beverages and we are happy to be early movers in the space. Pivot’s intellectual property and formulations will allow us to accelerate the commercialization of several potential products. We look forward to bringing our creations to market very soon.”

Licorera Del Sur specializes in agave-based spirits. However, their three distilleries, 13 bottling plants and global distribution network provided by Cartegena has allowed them to produce and bottle various white spirits and scotch blended whisky. Even the packaging is arranged by Cartogena, who control bottle and cap designs, labels and production. This all results in them being well positioned to join the cannabis infused beverage market.

The venture is also backed by an extensive access to sales, marketing and distribution experts through both companies.

Their timing coincides with the market going forward. Canada recently legalized cannabis and it is also to potentially become legalized in Mexico.

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