Coming straight outta Chattanooga, Tennessee is Isaiah Rashad, aka Zay, and his highly anticipated debut LP, “The Sun’s Tirade”. We have good reason to bring this album back into the spotlight, being that it just celebrated its one-year anniversary. It is very hard to classify this artist/album as a “Call to the Major’s” because TDE already called Zay up in 2013 but we want to bring even more attention to him.

Artist: Isaiah Rashad
Album: “The Sun’s Tirade”
Test Song: “Smile” (not on the album but a dope video and song that was released right before the album)

Isaiah Rashad – Smile from Top Dawg Entertainment on Vimeo.

Zay claims that his musical influences range from funk legends, James Brown and the Isley Brothers, to Three Six Mafia and R&B artists, Erykah Badu and the Fugees. You can clearly hear their influence over his music, which fuses together sounds from each of these genres. Zay began his come up with the hype surrounding his unofficial mixtape, “Welcome to the Game”. He then started touring with Juicy J, Joey Bada$$, and others on the 2012 Smoker’s Club Tour. Check out the tour poster to see Zay’s name on the last line of performers, in the small print. This helped grab the attention of up and coming label, TDE. In 2013, TDE signed Zay and SZA… now look at them. The signing helped propel Zay’s career to the next level. He dropped “Cilvia Demo” in 2014 and was added to the 2014 XXL Freshman Class.

As the hype began swarming Zay, the pressure of dropping a new album came with it. After the constant push from TDE management, Zay released “The Sun’s Tirade” in September of 2016. The album debuted at 17 on Billboard’s top 200 list. This album gives the listener a collection of songs that sound like they can be from completely different albums. The perfect example is the song “Rope // rosegold”, which is two separate songs with two completely different sounds mixed into one. You then have modern rap songs like “Park”, “A lot”, and “Bday” but they definitely aren’t what you’re expecting.

What impresses us the most about this album, is the simple fact that it is very Isaiah Rashad. It is unique to Zay and offers so many different sounding tracks. The beats in “Free Lunch” and “Wat’s Wrong” are so unique that those, by themselves, make the album a must listen. Put the album on shuffle and enjoy!

-Founder of M.M.C.

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