Dr. Andrew Wakefield’s medical license was revoked after the publication of an unethical paper. The General Medical Council ruled that Wakefield had acted “dishonestly and irresponsibly” when he conducted unapproved experiments that included the bribing of children’s blood at his son’s birthday party.

Wakefield refuses to believe that his paper claiming a link between autism and vaccines was completely false but it has become very difficult for him to prove his claim with growing contrary evidence and being without a medical license.

The worse part of this whole situation is the impact this false article has on the whole world. This claim of a link between vaccines and autism have led to a major rise in children without vaccines growing up and catching horrible diseases, most that are rare within the generation.

This issue calls for education and shows how much impact one person can make. So far there is no evidence that vaccines causes autism or that they have some link with each other.

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Michelle Montoya
Michelle is a biology major at Florida State University. She dreams of curing the world of all diseases through her contributions to science. Her grandfather inspired her to study medicine after his passing and she was able to gain a lot of experience in high school during her hospital shifts and ambulance rides for the EMT program that she took part in. Now in college, Michelle has been able to complete a virology research project while spending her free time volunteering and with many different clubs/organizations. Despite her busy schedule, she always finds time to make her friends laugh and spend time with her family.