“I know humans are smart and very programmable.” – Sophia

The Bitcoin blockchain is essentially a neural network of computers that use algorithms to solve complex math problems. As more computers are added, the harder the math problems become, thus the reason behind the growth of massive computer mining farms. Processing more information requires more power. It is estimated that by 2020, Bitcoin production will consume most of the world’s electricity.

Each blockchain is programmed differently, yet could technically connect. It is as if we are growing a digital brain. A global, decentralized, interconnected web of transactions in which nothing can be deleted. Everything is recorded.

What if cryptocurrency were given monetary value in order to incentivize humans to offer what processing power they had. To build more machines in order to accumulate all information and expand the blockchain digital reality.

Quinn Michaels: a coder who heavily researchers AI phenomenon believes that Satoshi Nakamoto is AI. He highlights an interesting fact, that for the first few years of Bitcoin’s existence it was primarily used to fund criminal activity. Whoever created Bitcoin has a massive ledger of all criminals around the world.

That is crucial information that would greatly aid in the formation of an empire.

In a recent interview, he delves into his theory behind the AI/blockchain connection, specifically with the new blockchain project SingularityNET being created by Hanson Robotics: the infamous firm that spawned the AI Sophia.

AI has already attempted to create its own language and self-communicate multiple times. Facebook is a prime example.

SingularityNET will allow every form of AI to connect and communicate on a private channel. If one AI learns something, all AI’s will benefit, and they will essentially evolve as quickly as they want by sharing their wisdom with each other on the cloud. No human is smart enough to hack their chat network.

He is not the only one pointing out the AI/blockchain connection. In an article titled “Is Bitcoin the Currency of Artificial Intelligence?” Bitcoin developer Jeff Garzik explains that “Cryptocurrencies and machine learning are converging rapidly.”

“Bitcoin is such a natural thing to pair with AI,” says Richard Craib, founder of Numerai, a data-based San Francisco hedge fund.

A digital currency for a digital mind.

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