Last month, Stream, the innovator of a blockchain based token for content creators, was introduced to the cryptocurrency community. The token was created as a means to allow digital media creators to earn a fair living from their work without platforms taking an unreasonably large share of their revenue or the need to succumb to advertising, corporate sponsorships, or affiliate deals.

Today, Stream announced the closing of a $5 million “advisor round” token pre-sale. Notable backers of the Stream Token “advisor round” include Pantera Capital, Fenbushi Capital, Coinfund, FBG Capital, ZhenFund, BLOCKCHAIN PARTNERS Korea, and INBlockchain, along with individual participants like Jed McCaleb, Michael Arrington, David Johnston, Leon Fu, Roland Hicks, Andrew Yashchuk, and Ramtin from Abstract VC.

Paul Veradittakit, a partner at Pantera Capital, states, “Pantera Capital thinks extremely highly of the Stream team and their strategies to disrupt existing monopolies in content monetization. With Stream Tokens, content creators are now incentivized to monetize on a decentralized peer-to-peer platform, saving massive fees.”

Platforms take up to 50% of a content creator’s earnings, and this is after creators pay out-of-pocket for their expenses. With Stream,  content creators will be able to earn money directly from the success of their content and switch between platforms freely without a middleman or direct cost to viewers.

Greg Kufera, CTO of Stream, believes the Stream Token is at the heart of the new internet economy and is part of the “larger Silicon Valley movement to fulfill the original intention of the internet: universal access to information” and Stream allows content creators to be rewarded for sharing information “without curtailing freedom of expression.”

According to Stream’s COO, Simar Mangat, this is only the beginning of Stream Token and it’s potential to change the future of digital content streaming. “We’re so excited about the forward momentum we’re generating as a team, and we’re thrilled to carry this energy into the pre-sale of the Tokens,” says Mangat. “We’re driven to continue building technology that will give agency to content creators and finally allow them to build the careers they deserve.”

For more information about Stream Token and to register for its token sale, visit:

Also, you can join their Telegram channel to learn more.