Here’s a quick money saving tip…
When you go to your favorite supermarket and take advantage of the buy one get one free (BOGO) deals, you shouldn’t just arbitrarily pick two items. You should make sure to choose two items that are as close in price as possible. This obviously isn’t an issue if you are buying cereal or another boxed good, however, when buying things like pre-cut cantaloupe (which I mention because it sparked this thought) you can keep this in mind.
The second “free” item is always the one with the cheaper value, so there’s no sense in buying an item for $9 and getting one free that is only $8 (due to the weight differential).
Also, according to the USDA Economic Research Service, the average retail price of a cantaloupe is $0.54 per pound. Is the convenience of having pre-cut chunks of cantaloupe worth the additional monies. Even when getting a BOGO “free” item, you’re still paying about $2 per pound, about four times the price of a whole cantaloupe.
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John Percal
John is a long time finance professional and university adjunct professor who prides himself on raising two financially educated children. He grew up in the Bronx with very little and watched his parents sacrifice greatly to give him every opportunity to succeed. While he would have considered himself quite frugal in his earlier years, he's now much better off but still likes "sticking it to the man" when it comes to deals.