Everyday someone online comes out with new information that they would deem as ‘the best stock pick’ or ‘the only way to make money in the market.’ The problem with so many different voices is that sometimes we can’t decide who to listen to.

I recently got back from attending MoneyShow Las Vegas, which is an investor friendly seminar series that encompasses everything someone would need to know to navigate the market today. The company, based out of Sarasota, FL, puts on events nationwide that help investors get the tools they need to consistently beat the market.

The events usually begin with a series of speeches first by the CEO of the company herself, Kim Githler, who began her career founding money show in 1981. Her dream was to empower individual investors across the globe and now, 35 years later, her conferences are attended by thousands of like-minded individuals who want to take their financial freedom in to their own hands.

At the show a wide range of topics are discussed, ranging from stock picks to cryptocurrency. The show has even developed a strong cult-like following with the University of Central Florida’s Young Investors Club, whose members have been attending shows across the country since 2014. Some of these college students are so well versed in trading that they have begun to explore the derivatives market, and have found great success.

The people that attend these shows are predominantly retired, but it was refreshing to see young faces involved in what some would call an “old man’s game”. Moneyshow has been a key figure in bridging the age gap between investors as well as arming them with the tools they need to be successful in any market. By bringing in speakers who are chief economists, foundation directors, media analysts, and floor traders; Moneyshow is able to build a holistic approach to winning in the market.

The next MoneyShow and it’s counterpart, MoneyShowU will be in Orlando, Florida from February 8-11th at the Omni Orlando Resort. At this conference investors ages 18-25 can attend MoneyShowU, which is a program geared for college aged students that will help them prepare for paying off student debt, buying a first home, and of course how to make money in the stock market.

SOURCEPhoto: moneyshow.com
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Spencer Lasday
Spencer is a Senior Economics Student at the University of Central Florida where he is currently focused on learning about public fiscal policy to continue pursuing his career in the public sector. He previously worked at the financial education platform, MoneyShow, that focuses on helping people manage their money into and through their retirement. He is passionate, enthusiastic, and dedicated to making sure that others shed their fear about money.