“As the world adopts blockchain technology, the same centralized forces seem to be coordinating the control of the biggest blockchains in the world and privatizing them through international alliances. If we do not educate ourselves on how to maintain a separation from the beast system, our freedoms will most certainly vanish under the oncoming technological revolution.” – FaceLikeTheSun

In the following video, FaceLikeTheSun conducts an interview with Kent Lewiss, the creator of the 1776 token and an independent truth-seeking media platform freedom.social.

“Our Mission is to set truth upon the world, pay you to spread the truth, and together set the world free.”

On his site, Kent Lewiss has provided an amazingly researched report detailing how the same centralized powers that currently control our fiat monetary system are actively funding and developing privatized blockchain and distributed ledger technology right under our noses.

This is not an opinionated report, it is purely factual. Every conceivable product and service in the world is being added to private blockchains. I highly recommend taking the time to read verify the information for yourself.

Blockchain is being implemented by the same controlling entities of the old system, regardless of the potential for its ability to free us from it …

Now more than ever, it is up to us as consumers to dictate how our blockchain future will unfold.

“While distributed ledger technologies provide the infrastructure for processes to be optimized, it is the crypto economics of their protocols that create the economic and operational underpinnings of their success.” – Dele Atanda

What Kent Lewiss is trying to do is to work with the cryptocurrency and blockchain communities to build open-sourced decentralized marketplaces.

Brief Overview of the 1776 Cryptocurrency

1. The 1776 Token is decentralized.
2. 177,600,000 maximum coins will be minted
3. The 1776 Token is Proof of Stake
4. The 1776 Token has its own blockchain
5. The 1776 Token provides Obfuscation for anonymous transactions
6. 10 free 1776 Tokens will be given free to the first 10,000,000 registered users on www.Freedom.social
7. Additional 1776 Tokens are sold for $0.25
8. The 1776 Token can be purchased by eCheck, or trades of BTC and ETH
9. 1776 will be utilized to purchase products and services on www.FreedomMarket.social, where local marketplaces are created and products and services can be sold and bought worldwide.

If you are reading this, you are part of the first 1% of the population that is pioneering the cryptocurrency and blockchain movement. Just like the internet, this is a technology that will radically transform our world. It is up to us to educate ourselves as initial consumers and to invest our money in what we want our future to be. The 1776 token not only represents the type of cryptocurrency we as a free population need, it also represents the truth movement.

Get involved in a project that is truly decentralized and whose goal is to spread truth and awareness.

Referral Link: https://freedom.social/JustinD-register

I am not being paid by Kent Lewiss, nor was I solicited to write this article. I am someone who cares about the future of an incredible technology, and I believe in educating myself in order to invest in sound distributed ledger projects. 

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