On some level we all want success, or to be successful; it’s why we set goals (with notepads like this one), chase career opportunities, relationships, buy cars, house, and gadgets; in fact, it’s one of the main driving forces determining our actions. As with everything else, your belief about success determines just how successful you deem yourself to be.

What’s your definition of success?

Before you answer this question, I urge you to forget everything you’ve ever seen or heard relating to the word ‘success’ and concentrate on how success will make you feel.  As with love and happiness, success is a feeling, and when we forget that, we will get caught up in the matrix of media definitions provided for us. Before you set another goal or dream another dream, get clear on what success feels like for you!

It’s time to define success on your own terms.

The only way to quell the craving is to know exactly what it is you’re craving for! It makes perfect sense right? You could’ve achieved all that you’ve been told will bring you success and yet…you don’t feel successful. You could still be trying to find your break in life or your purpose, and that makes you feel unsuccessful. We compare our achievements according to the guidelines of social expectations, add to that any religious requirements too and it’s no wonder we lose ourselves in the illusion of who we should be as opposed to understanding who we are.

I too crave for you to have success in your life…just as I craved it for myself. Now I live doing what I love, as well as being mum, and daughter, and girlfriend, and friend…you can have it all and you can have it your way.

What’re you prepared to do to feel successful?

Overnight success is overrated. This is a transformational process, and it takes time, the length of time depends on the path you choose. I can help speed up the process at Magical Realities and show you how to ask the right questioners to receive the right answers.

Until next time.

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Abby Hussein
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