I totally relate to what most of your initial reactions are to this title. Yet another fear based doomsday prediction that sees star alignments connected to world events, or something along those lines. Even the original article that sparked my investigation – is ultimately a sales pitch to buy gold, silver, and I think he even offered strategies post-economic collapse to improve your odds of survival – I blurred through his “commercial” sections.

What powered my attention through the entire piece was that Jim Rickards, a financial threat advisor contracted by the US government, shed to light a change in global economic power that shifts on April 20th within the IMF.

All but 3 nations on the planet each receive their very own currency through their privately owned central bank. Within the United States, this is the Federal Reserve. The same 13 families that own the Federal Reserve own all of the other central banks in all of the world (except for those 3 nations that have yet to crumble to CIA/Israel/US military influence).

All of these banks network through the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Consider it the center of the web, or as Rickards eloquently puts it: “the central bank of the world.” 

When financial decisions are proposed that affect the entire planet, 189 nations meet within the IMF to vote. Each has voting power derived from their “economic standing”.

Since 1944, the US has had enough voting power to veto any proposal within the IMF. This means for the last 72 years, no one has been able to stand against the United States. This is why the US dollar is considered the global currency, and most importantly, the only currency able to purchase oil. This is what gives the dollar value and why it has earned the nickname the “petrol dollar”. Without this feature, the dollar would become just paper. Any nation who attempts to veer from using the dollar gets democratized by the US military industrial complex, an entity warned about publically by two former US presidents: Eisenhower and JFK.

On April 20th, after having the “economic standing” reassessed, the BRICS nations (Russia, China, South Africa, India, Brazil) will receive equal voting power against the United States.

Sure the US can still veto any proposal but come April 20th, BRICS nations can now veto them. If other nations no longer respected America’s interest, there’s nothing the US can do about it. If they decide to for example switch currencies when purchasing oil, the US would have to go through the BRICS nations in order to stop them.


On March 26th, 2018: China introduces the Petro Yuan

Oil surging to multi-year highs as China launches petro-yuan https://t.co/jwBwKblRH6

— RT (@RT_com) March 26, 2018

A yuan-denominated future oil contract. Over 10 billion Yuan traded within the first hour. Now the world has an alternative to the dollar.

Ann Lee, Adjunct Professor of Economics and Finance at New York University and author of the book ‘What the US Can Learn From China’, told Reuters:

“It is more of a game changer for the US. As soon as other nations have a real credible alternative to the US dollar, they can dump dollars and switch to the yuan which can spark a dollar crisis. If that happens, not only will there be inflation from the tariffs, but also from the flood of dollars”

Negotiations between Russia and China on the mutual promotion of oil futures in national currencies are now underway.

China has also become the leading consumer of crude oil, giving them leverage over the US when trading with Saudi Arabia, whom they don’t even need. Russia has sold more oil to China than the Saudis seven times since May 2015 and now with a new Russian oil pipeline that began operations on January 1 of this year, China’s capacity to pump oil from the East Siberia-Pacific Ocean system has doubled.

Russia is now selling their oil in Petro-Yuan.

Russia looks to dump US dollar in settlements with #Iranhttps://t.co/faTBl6NRkapic.twitter.com/18RBANktIw

— RT (@RT_com) February 12, 2018

Make no mistake, they are prepping to switch currencies.

Now check out other world events currently unfolding:

  • Russia expels 60 US diplomats, closes St. Petersburg consolute (source)
  • UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres called for safeguards to be implemented to avoid escalating tensions between the United States and Russia. (sour.ce)
  • Iran has announced that purchase orders by merchants which are based on US currency are no longer allowed to go through import procedures. (source)
  • Germany has become China’s biggest trading partner in the world, exceeding 999 billion yuan in 2017.
  • China has signed currency swap agreements with France, UK, Australia, South Korea, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Chile, and the United Arab Emirates … leaving the U.S. dollar out of all international transactions.
  • Both China and Russia have been stockpiling gold reserves in order to gain independence from the petrol dollar.
  • Fed officials say economy is ready for higher rates. (source)
  • Media giants such as Google, Facebook, and YouTube have been ramping up their internet censorship in order to silence opposition.

It is no longer a question of if, but rather a question of when. We could see a gradual deterioration over several months or a sudden collapse such as what happened in Greece. Many experts, such as Max Keiser in an interview below believe that the US will attempt to mask economic collapse with war:


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