The outrageous outcome of the NFC title game on Sunday in New Orleans has Saints fans planning to boycott the CBS telecast of Super Bowl LIII on Feb. 3 in Atlanta.

You know the matchup: The L.A. Refs vs. the New England Patsies.

It seems to me that Harry Connick Jr., one of New Orleans’ favorite sons, kicked off the anti-Super Bowl drive with this Instagram post:

Then I saw Mike Scott’s intriguing piece on in which he wrote that “no Saints fan worth his or her Creole seasoning should watch a second of Super Bowl LIE.”

Scott said something about throwing a party, and now party plans are popping up. Here’s what I’ve found so far:

Boycott Bowl

Here are the details posted on Facebook:

For obvious reasons Boycott Bowl will be held February 3, 2019. It will be a music festival that celebrates our culture and benefits New Orleans musicians, chefs, bartenders, and the entire service industry rather than the NFL. It will provide us an opportunity to do something to celebrate our team, our city, and our fans that we were wrongfully denied on January 20.

I’m looking forward to seeing what venue the promoters will choose for their event.

Update on Jan. 28: Promoters have announced the event will be at Fulton Street downtown and the hours will be noon to 10 p.m.

Tracey’s Super Bowl Boycott

Tracey’s is a bar and po-boy place in the Irish Channel.

The Magazine Street hot spot posted these details:

Tracey’s will boycott Superbowl LIII. We will show reruns of 2010 Saints Superbowl. Yes, you can still catch the Puppybowl here. Working on crawfish too.

Anti-Lie Bowl Party

Dat Dog is another hot spot on Magazine, up the street from Tracey’s, and the kid-friendly party at Dat Dog will include such games as Dunk the Referee and Pin the Bribe on the Official.

Here’s what New Orleans chef Amy Sins posted on Facebook:

The game this week broke my heart but it didn’t crush my spirit.
New Orleanians get funnier, sarcastic and sometimes a little petty when things don’t go their way, particularly when it comes to football.

The NFL may be able to take away our Super Bowl but they can’t take away our right to party. Get your Saints gameday gear ready and let’s celebrate our team and our magical city.

And since we can be petty, we encourage fans to celebrate the time that the Atlanta Falcons lost a 28-3 lead in the Super Bowl.

Yeah, I’ve seen news about only those three parties, but I’m sure more anti-Super Bowl events will be announced because, hell, it’s just Jan. 24. I’ll keep you updated.

My daughter, a Saints fan who lives in the NOLA area with her family, hates the Refs and the Patsies, so she won’t be watching the Super Bowl.

A lot of her hatred is targeted at the Patsy GOAT because he left actress Bridget Moynahan, the mother of his first child, for Brazilian supermodel Gisele B√ľndchen. My daughter always thinks of that when she watches “Blue Bloods.”

My wife, a Saints and Ohio State Buckeyes fan, is also refusing to watch the game. It’s pointless if she can’t see one of her favorite players, wide receiver Michael Thomas, try to catch a Super Bowl ring in just his third season in the NFL.

I would like to hear Tony Romo analyze the Super Bowl, but I have no interest in the teams, making me just one more Saints fan who won’t watch the game.

I’m with the boycotters. I want to be in their number.

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