On my most recent trip to Nashville, I decided to push my comfort zone a little. It’s no secret that I love AirBnb and everything they offer, so when I came across a listing called The Foxhouse with the description “light-filled home in the trees”, I actually could not resist. They offer full electricity and supply tons of heaters, so my jitters were pretty unwarranted. When we arrived at the treehouse, I was stunned at the beauty of it. Built on a hill in an actual tree, it was a bit larger than my own room at home and situated in the woody backyard of the owners. The treehouse was private and romantic, and had a stunning view of the sunset. We were even more thrilled to see the sunrise from our bed in the treehouse, and hear the sounds of birds waking up. It was by no means “camping” and was such a comfortable and happy stay.

My boyfriend and I loved the treehouse, but decided to go polar opposite for the next night. We booked at the incredible boutique Aerston hotel in midtown Nashville. We booked a suite, with a full kitchen, living room, double-vanity bathroom, and king-sized bed. The ceiling-high windows overlooked busy midtown and the city lights were quite a view. We loved receiving champagne from the hotel for our anniversary, and had an amazing time hanging out in such a big room that was so close to everything.

The point here is, there is something out there for everyone and sometimes it is okay (and FUN) to push outside of your hotel accommodation comfort zone. While we were beyond comfortable and at home at the Aerston, the Treehouse was an experience of a lifetime that I would encourage everyone to try. AirBnb has over 15 upgraded treehouses on their website and each of them are equally as romantic and incredible. Read more about our treehouse versus our suite here.