Airbnb, an online marketplace for travelers and short-term renters that boasts over 3 million housing listings in 65,000 cities across the globe, has recently launched a new idea. Airbnb experiences allow travelers to “experience cities like locals”, with local guides who offer myriad of tour options. From Barcelona to Dallas, experiences are sorted into fourteen categories: arts, business, entertainment, fashion, food & drink, history, lifestyle, music, nature, nightlife, social impact, sports, technology, and wellness, and range from $20 to $300. There are also “immersion” experiences, which happen over multiple days, or normal experiences that last two or more hours. 

Traveling Better has recently launched a series on the most diverse Airbnb experiences offered, including in depth interviews with experience guides all over world, and photos from their experiences. TB’s ”Volume One” focuses on a nightlife experience in London, called “When Night Falls In London.” 

“When Night Falls” host, Aisha, explains that the experience revolves around showing the best of London to her guests. For Aisha, this means immersing travelers (including solo travelers, groups, and locals) in the finest LGBTQ+ entertainment venues, events, after parties, and even hidden gems. Aisha explains that the experience is like no other and can even involve secret bars and dance battles!

When asked about her favorite memory from her hosting experience thus far, Aisha said that she witnessed a “vogue dance battle that was so mind-blowing, they are still raving about it over a month later”.  This tour is suitable for those of 18 years or older, but Aisha says she’s accommodated guests from ages 18 to 70! You can book Aisha’s experience here and read her interview with Traveling Better here. 

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Amelia Weiss
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