A guide to uncovering Miami and Airbnb’s new feature

Miami, Florida in whole is one of the most culturally diverse cities in the States. Because of a combination of history, architecture, art, culture, and exquisite food, it’s difficult to choose what to do in Miami and easy to get overwhelmed. Every neighborhood offers a different feeling and experience, but how on earth can you choose?
One amazing resource for experiencing Miami in full is the new feature from Airbnb, “Experiences”. By simply typing in “Miami” and selecting experiences on the app or website, you are able to find a myriad of experiences from culture, arts, food, and even salsa. Most trips are for one day and will specify a start time, the hour increments (i.e. 3.5 hours), and more details about the experience as a whole. They also include reviews, like Airbnb locations, so you can verify it is a legitimate offer and see what others thought of it. My personal favorite option is an experience boasting salsa dancing, mojitos, and a cool night club directly on South Beach! Other experiences, like the “Become a Miami artist” experience, allows visitors to paint with a professional artist in the Miami Art District.
Another go to when visiting Miami is Wynwood Walls. Wynwood, a neighborhood that was developed in the early 1900’s, was gentrified in 2009 when Tony Goldman came up with the master idea behind Wynwood Walls. He wanted to create “a canvas for urban street art”, and the idea caught like wildfire. Not only are the Wynwood Walls painted, but the entire neighborhood of Wynwood is splattered with amazing graffiti, murals, restaurants, shops, and more. With the constant promise of warm weather and the perfect backdrop for events, the feeling and vibe to Wynwood is one that you cannot miss out on, day or night.
Whether you are visiting Miami for business or pleasure, there is certainly never a dull moment. The overwhelming amounts of trendy restaurants, deliciously-cocktailed bars, and hip scenes in Miami are plentiful, and can be conquered!
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Amelia Weiss
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