Have you noticed by now that if you speak near your smartphone about a product or vacation idea, suddenly what you mentioned appears in an ad on Google or FaceBook?

Everything you do on the Internet is tracked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) and companies like Google, Facebook, Verizon, and Amazon. That data is used for advertising, content targeting, and surveillance. Every major telecommunications company feeds their data directly to the NSA. They are tracking everything

For example, Microsoft allows the NSA to skirt encryption protocols on Outlook, Skype video and cloud services, and data captured by the NSA is routinely passed on to both the FBI and the CIA.

“The US government, through its National Security Agency, is handing taxpayer dollars to mega corporations in exchange for all of our personal communications and data. In other words, it’s big business.” (source)

FaceBook of course adamantly denies listening to user conversations, yet on June 14, 2018, they filed for a patent that allows them to embed a high-frequency audio designed to collect data … and you would never know.

Excerpt from ExtremeTech:

“Facebook tracks the things you say. It tracks the things you don’t say. It tracks you when you aren’t on Facebook. It ships VPN applications that double as spyware. It’s signed secret data-sharing sweetheart deals with various hardware manufacturers you never agreed to share your data with. It’s profited from the wholesale abuse of its systems by companies like Cambridge Analytica.”

In short, the internet has become monopolized by huge private entities who have an enormous power, to censor or otherwise.

A Surveillance Free Internet is Now Possible

Your identity and personal information are your most valuable assets.  If you don’t actively protect and control it, someone else will. 

Bob Stanley has founded a project known as FREOS in which he is spearheading what he calls the FreeNet Movement. He and his team are currently developing a physical USB hard drive that you can plug into any computer and become invisible.

“Put our stick (USB) in, reboot the computer, and you’re now connected directly to FreeNet. You eliminate every bit of malware … and you don’t leave any footprints on the computer.”

It doesn’t just end there. Bob Stanley is a huge proponent of the EOS ecosystem. He believes that by that by the end of 2018, 10 – 25% of the global internet population will be accessing only the EOS based decentralized free internet version 3.

The EOS Ecosystem Will Change Everything

“The way that we end the machine, is that we secede from it.” – Bob Stanley

Led by Dan Larimer (co-founder of both Bitshares and Steemit), considered to be one of the most influential people in the crypto space, along with Brendan Bloomer, …

“The EOS vision is to build a blockchain dapp platform that can securely and smoothly scale to thousands of transactions per second, all while providing an accessible experience to app developers, entrepreneurs, and users. They aim to provide a complete operating system for decentralized applications focused on the web by providing services like user authentication, cloud storage, and server hosting.” (more about EOS)

Many believe this could be the operating system of the future decentralized world.

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