It is the time of year to eat, drink and be merry.

What better way to be merry than with a tipple of American whiskey or a dram of Scotch.

Taste Christmas with a rich, robust Auchentoshan Three Wood or Balvenie Double Wood single malt, oozing the notes of a Christmas plum pudding or fruit cake topped with marzipan and frosting.

Feel the warmth of the Bowmore 18 years old as the delicate peat smoke swirls around notes of festive fruits.  Peaty whiskies are perfect throughout the cold, snowy days to remind you of warming up around a crackling bonfire, toasting marshmallows or taking refuge in a log cabin.  They also pair perfectly with chocolates, cheeses and other holiday treats.

The festive spice of cinnamon can be found in the Early Times Fire Eater hot cinnamon whiskey liqueur or in a Mister Katz’s Rock and Rye pre-mixed American drink which also offers notes of sour cherries, rock candy and citrus.  If those aren’t hitting the spot.  Check out the rich, sweet and salty tastes of Ol’ Major Bacon Bourbon.  Infused with bacon from Oklahoma it has tastes of maple syrup and the hickory smoked bacon.

But, to really indulge and spice up the festivities, try some of these:

Hot toddy:  Make a cup of hot water with freshly squeezed lemon juice, cloves and cinnamon to taste, a spoonful of honey and a healthy measure of your favourite whiskey.  Perfect for keeping colds and flu away.

Whisky Mac:  Pour your whisky into a mug and top it up with hot ginger wine.  Cloves, cinnamon, honey or anything else you like adding there can really spice this up!

Clansman’s Coffee: Black coffee with Jura Legacy 10 years old, a dash of white Sambuca, whipped cream and brown sugar.  This makes the perfect after dinner coffee to amaze your guests.

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Jennifer Hardy
Jennifer is a writer for various websites mainly on the topics of travel, leisure, and whiskey mainly around Europe. She is originally from England, now living in Spain. When she isn't writing or reading, she can be found swimming or snorkeling during the summer and hiking in the mountains, equipped with a rucksack and tent during the winter months. You can visit her at, and