Your tendency to eat all the time could be connected to your moods. Overeating is often an attempt to cover emotional rather than physical needs. Scientists confirm that this does not necessarily mean you suffer from an eating disorder causing you to eat more than you should whenever you’re not feeling well emotionally – it can happen to all of us.

Avoid emotional eating and learn to quit eating constantly without being hungry. The following seven tips will get you on the right track.

See what you can do to stop the habit!


  • Learn to identify when you are actually hungry.
    If you have just eaten a meal or snack shortly before, avoid eating again because you are probably not hungry. Satisfy the urge with water or juice.
  • Fill your day.
    Clean your house, redecorate, see a friend, take care of yourself, take a hot bath and schedule weekly activities to keep yourself busy.
  • Discover new interests and activities.
    Read a book, go outside for a walk, watch a movie or listen to music.
  • Start your gym membership.
    Daily physical activity will reduce your stress levels and make you feel good while boosting your metabolism.
  • Sleep well.
    Sleep deprivation increases your feeling of hunger. Getting enough sleep is important for reducing depression, increasing energy and strength and facing challenges that arise throughout the day.
  • Love yourself.
    Giving in to temptation on occasion is very normal and shouldn’t disappoint you. Don’t be too hard on yourself and try to let go of the guilt and negative emotions you may be feeling.


Become the leader in your life.
Prove to yourself who runs the show; you control food, food does not control you. No matter how well-prepared and delicious it may be…    

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