Summer is the best time to enjoy seasonal fruit making your daily nutritional regimen richer than ever. And of course, cherries are among the favorites.

Cherries are not only tasty, but they offer many health benefits as well. These are the top six:

  1. Antioxidants
    Cherries contain melatonin, an element that is critical to the function of your immune and cardiovascular systems. Being rich in antioxidants, cherries help your body fight off illness and toxins.
  2. Better sleep
    Melatonin also helps you sleep better so it’s the perfect bedtime snack. Aim to eat them about two hours before you go to sleep.
  3. Weight loss
    Anthocyanins give cherries their deep red color and is your ally in fat and weight loss. As an added benefit, they also help you manage cholesterol levels.
  4. Anti-aging properties
    Melatonin delays the aging process by neutralizing damage cause by oxidative stress and free radicals in your system. It is so powerful it often even reverses damage and delays aging.
  5. Rich in iron
    Cherries are so rich in iron, that they are recommended for fighting anemia and aid in making blood for your body.
  6. Prevent diabetes
    Anthocyanins maintain healthy blood sugar levels and prevent hyperglycemia, and consequently diabetes.

You don’t have to eat them on their own. Cherries are easy to include in your diet with many different food combinations. Here’s just a few ideas to incorporate them into your daily diet.

Ideas For Eating Cherries

Add to your oatmeal

Mix with cream cheese and spread over toast

Add to your smoothies

Add to pudding a sprinkle with cinnamon

Add to your smoothie bowl


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