1. Start with your supermarket shopping list
    Or even better start with your local farmer’s market or the produce you will grow right on your patio. Choose products that are local, seasonal and fresh. Learn to read ingredient labels carefully. If you’re not a huge vegetable fan, try using detox drinks to get everything your body needs in all natural form.
  2. Cook
    Get in the kitchen and try out different food combinations. Play with textures, smells and colors. You can include the entire family in this one! Add some music and let your creative juices go wild! Because in the end, you love the food made by your own hands just a bit more.
  3. Eat when you should eat
    This doesn’t mean every 2-5 hours. Learn to understand your body’s signals. Your energy level drop, the grumbling in your tummy. Try to stop eating when you are actually full. Learning how your body communicates hunger and fullness to you is a critical step in ensuring you can manage your weight successfully.
  4. Sit at the table
    With your fast-paced lifestyle, eating at the table may seem a luxury. However, it is important to eat meals calmly and be focused on eating as an activity so that you know when you are full.
  5. Eat slowly
    Eat slowly and calmly. By chewing your food more thoroughly, you are helping your digestive system and can taste your food better.

Enjoy your food
Never eat things you don’t like. Don’t forget that taste is important! It’s wrong to separate foods into “bad” and “good” categories because your guilt won’t let you enjoy the sweet you’ve indulged in. Learn to decipher every taste and texture. Get excited with aromas and presentation. The only food worth eating is that which stimulates all of your senses!

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Christine Johnson
Christine Johnson is a detox drink extraordinaire. She is an unprecedented optimist who lives in the world of people possibilities and is committed to helping you live better and longer, gain confidence and make the haters jealous. She prefers to be swimming in Greece, but also likes hiking, flying, and is strongly considering taking up Tae Kwon Do. See more of Christine’s work at whatdetox.com.