I bet anyone reading this article is already a pretty healthy eater. But sometimes we all make mistakes, either because we have received bad information or because new information is uncovered that contradicts what we previously thought to be true.

Here are five popular eating habits and the reasons why you might consider changing them.

1. You take a multivitamin every day.
Contrary to popular belief, taking a multivitamin daily does not benefit your body nor your long-term health, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. What does help is a visit to your doctor, along with any required tests and prescribed supplements, to address potential nutritional deficiencies.

2. You brush your teeth immediately after every meal.
According to the American Dental Association, the best way to protect your teeth is to brush them one hour after each meal. It’s especially important to refrain from brushing immediately after a meal with acidic foods, like oranges.

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3. You completely stop eating something because it put you off once.
One incident does not necessarily mean that you are allergic or intolerant to the food in question. And if you don’t teach your body to build a tolerance for a variety of foods and food groups, it could lead to additional problems. Detoxifying your body regularly is beneficial, but your doctor is the only one who can determine through testing if you are actually intolerant or allergic to certain foods. Until then, it’s good to experiment.

4. You use alcohol to relax.
Alcohol in moderation may have some benefits to your heart, but if you consume it daily to relax, you are creating a habit that might prove difficult to break. You also run the risk of overindulging; alcohol is highly addictive and harmful.

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5. You take too long to change sponges.
We are talking kitchen sink here, which according to research, is the place in your house with the most bacteria. Don’t wait for your sponge to look dirty; swap it out for a new one once every two weeks. You can also microwave it daily on medium heat for two minutes to kill off bacteria growth.

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