360 Fashion: Summer Beach Dress



The key components to this look are the beautifully patterned , pinned-up in the front to give a high-low effect. I chose summery as the pins, but feel free to get creative and have fun with the idea. Pinning the dress is a great way to get multiple looks out of one dress, and adjust the height in case you decide to change shoes. A couple pins also help the dress catch some extra beachy breezes in a flattering way. This look works great as a cover up for a . For shoes, white or are usually a great bet for a nice looking outdoor summer daytime look. As ALWAYS, wear with confidence, and have fun!

Where to Wear:

From beach to brunch, this look can flatter you just about anywhere with weather over 90 degrees. This outfit can easily be dressed up for more of an evening look by throwing on a , , and even unpinning the front for a more elegant look.

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360 imaging provided by: imajize.com