We often don’t realize that the biggest form of daily injustice we face comes from our own
psyche. What we tell ourselves pretty much determines the amount of injustice we’re
willing to put up with. I cannot stress enough the power of self-talk and the impact it has on your self-worth. One of the ultimate reasons we shy away from doing the right thing by
ourselves and continue to exist in a victim mentality is how we talk to ourselves; combine
that with a fear change and a desire for comfort and you have the ultimate combination for
suffering in silence.

Self Worth
Our self-talk will tell us exactly what we think of ourself. It’s important to remember that we communicate with ourself all day every day, and that voice in our head is the most
influential voice in our world. The good news is you can choose to use that voice to move
into a much more powerful position in your life. Start your transformation here and stop
oppressing yourself.

Fear Of Change
The impact of change sparks fear in most of us because, more often than not, it’s
disruptive, stressful, inconvenient, and challenging. However, operating from a place of
fear can be paralyzing and lead to avoidance of doing the right thing for yourself, which will, in turn, lead others to believe they too, can avoid doing right by you. Stop the cycle and change just one small thing that will lead you to a better place in your life.

Comfort Zoning
While it’s enticing, comfort can also severely stunt our growth as it’s one of the major
resistors of change. I’m a self-professed comfort queen and was loathe to rock the boat in
case it changed my comfortable life. The truth is, it became boring and I became stuck
until I stretched my comfort zone and began making different choices. Don’t panic yourself
by making drastic changes at once, start small and work your way up.

Overcome these obstacles and you won’t have to suffer self-imposed injustice again.
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Abby Hussein
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