What do we have to do to stop time and what is the fast track to longevity?

Aging is a normal process, but it is often accelerated by poor health and external factors. Your lifestyle, and even more so, your eating habits are responsible for the extra years that are imprinted on your face. So what are the foods that make you look old?

Salt is hidden in many foods, beyond what we add ourselves. Although it does not cause weight gain, it causes intense fluid retention and therefore dehydration, a condition associated with aging skin. According to studies, besides lowering your blood pressure a diet low in salt can slow the aging process.


Researchers claim that every single alcoholic beverage you drink speeds up the aging process. That is why it is critical to drink in moderation. Experts recommend up to two alcoholic beverages per week for healthy women and up to three for healthy men to ensure vibrant and glowing skin. The exception to this rule is red wine; you can consume one glass of red wine daily.


Sugar contributes to premature aging because it plays the most important role in a process called glycosylation. When the sugar you consume passes into your bloodstream, it sticks to protein and begins to form molecules known as AGEs (Advanced Glycation End Products), which destroy the two kinds of protein that are primarily responsible for maintaining the elasticity and stability of the skin: collagen and elastin. By restricting the consumption of processed foods and ready-made snacks, which have an increased sugar content, you can delay premature aging in your skin.

Remember to stay hydrated!
Water keeps your skin moisturized and looking healthy. It also removes toxins and waste from your skin cells.

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