Is your scale stuck on the same number day after day even though you haven’t fallen off the wagon? If your scale is refusing to reward your weight loss efforts, here’s a few reasons why.

  1. You are constipated. The average person poops about once per day.

2. Your body is not ingesting vitamins through food, but supplements.

3. You are eating a starch-based diet.

4. You are eating larger quantities than your body needs for fuel. Remember food is a physical activity not a social one.

5. You are eating the wrong kinds of food and your body is having difficulty digesting it (processed light foods are typically the culprit here).

6. You are snacking too often between meals. Try not to snack while standing or on the go.

7. Your body is retaining liquids because of gastrointestinal issues (bloating).

8. You are dehydrated and not drinking enough water.

9. You are working out and have gained muscle – yay!

10. You are getting your period (you’re mid-cycle). Changes in hormone levels are to blame.

11. You are taking birth control, antibiotics, cortisone, or anti-inflammatory medicine.

12. You are skipping meals thinking that you will lose more weight.

13. You’ve recently lost a lot of weight and your body is in a transitional phase. It could also mean you are no longer burning more calories than you are consuming. Lower your calorie intake a bit and you will see the numbers going down again.

14. You are not keeping to a consistent meal plan. Try to eat meals at the same time every day.

15. Your scale is broken! (See? It’s not always your fault!) Or you are not weighing in at the same time every day. The best time to get on the scale is in the morning after your visit to the bathroom. Remember to be naked or wearing the same pajamas.

SOURCEPhoto: Fannetastic Food
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