Over the course of your weight loss journey, it is just as important to know what to do to stay on track as it is to follow a balanced diet. The rules of losing weight are more or less well-known: fewer sweets, fewer burgers, fewer fats, fewer everything. But the trouble begins when you try to put these plans into action. It’s not a coincidence that most people who start dieting quit after just a few days. So what things should you be extra careful of to ensure diet success? How will you keep the promise to lose weight? What will you do so that you don’t become exhausted and give up? What goals should you set? How will you resist temptation and how will you beat your tendency to snack? Just follow these 11 steps to a healthy and successful diet.

  • Commit to yourself
    The decision to commit to a diet must be your own. It is very difficult to succeed at any diet if you are doing so to satisfy the desires of someone else. If the decision to lose weight is initiated by a spouse, mother, friends, then your motivation will not be strong enough to follow through. Never commit to a diet in front of third parties. Always commit to yourself.
  • Be realistic
    There are no magic diets and the goals you set should be attainable and achievable. Especially if you have a failed attempt in your past. Never plan to lose more than two pounds per week. This also ensures maximum fat loss. Remember that a new diet causes a change in lifestyle and its good to make those changes incrementally. Avoid being too rigid because if you’re ever in a moment of weakness your words and thought will cause feelings of guilt that can make you vulnerable to quitting.
  • Don’t be so strict
    Avoid deprivation. Be sure to follow a balanced diet containing food from a variety of food groups so that you don’t get bored too easily, but also so that you don’t inadvertently cause yourself health problems.
  • Do what’s convenient
    Make sure the diet you are following is suitable to your needs. In other words, it should be modified as much as possible to reflect your lifestyle and habits. While working with a nutritionist, identify a program that is convenient for you and is practical in its application so that you can smoothly integrate it into your daily routine and easily come back to it after straying (like a vacation, a spontaneous trip, an important social occasion).
  • Put your creativity to work
    Recruit your imagination. Forget tasteless, miserable dishes. Coriander, basil, garlic, pepper, green onion, and parsley all add flavor and color to your food. Your meals can be made over in other ways without burdening you with additional calories. Just remember that in general terms it’s better to avoid monotonous diet plans that offer little variety. These diets may make quitting easier.
  • Don’t skip meals
    Deprivation is a huge dieting mistake because it leads to an abrupt drop in blood sugar and a feeling of weakness that you will most likely face by overeating or binging. It’s a mistake to miss meals and try to speed up your weight loss results. Most times you will not see desirable results. The process of eating small meals throughout the day keeps your body alert and your metabolism functioning, thereby increasing fat burn.   
  • Beware of the weight scale
    Your eagerness to see the results of your weight loss efforts is what leads you continuously to the scale. However, there really is no purpose to it. Daily fluctuations can also be caused by liquid retention or even your menstrual cycle. Daily tracking doesn’t offer you any useful information and actually causes you stress which may, in turn, lead to the failure of your diet. You should not feel consumed with the idea of weighing yourself. Do not weigh yourself more than once weekly.
  • Eat out!
    If you consistently decline invitations to dinner, your diet will feel like hard, torturous work. In order to be sure that your efforts until now are not wasted, you should use the following strategy: order only salads, grilled or steamed meat and fish. Start your meal with your protein (meat, fish or chicken), which quickly satisfies your feelings of hunger. Avoid calorie heavy horderves. Choose a green salad for its fiber, which helps your body absorb sugars. Salads and water consumption help with bowel movements. They also take a lot of space up in your tummy so you feel fuller longer.  
  • Start your diet on the sixth day of your cycle
    For most women, the menstrual cycle wreaks havoc on dieting. In fact, 50-80% of women report an overwhelming desire for certain foods, mainly sweets. So start your diet on the sixth day of your cycle and set yourself up for diet success.
  • You messed up. Now what?
    Remember that your goal is not to be perfect and that dieting is not punishment. A lot of things can happen during your weight loss journey and it is most important for you not to give up along the way. Don’t quit after the first sign of trouble. If, for example, you miss a meal or eat something not on your plan, do not become discouraged. Most respond to this scenario by either quitting the diet or by starving for the next 24 hours. However, the right choice to make in this situation is to simply put the mistake behind you and continue on with the next meal on your plan.
  • Beat the munchies
    There are low-calorie foods you can consume in large quantities whenever you’re hungry outside of your regular eating schedule or whenever you are not feeling full such as radishes, cucumbers, cabbage, lettuce, cauliflower, squash, spinach, and eggplant.

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